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From Monday to Friday, from 12.00 to 17.00 (or until the menu runs out) we invite you to delicious, healthy dinners.

Thanks to the regularly changing menu, you can order a different dinner every day without fear of boredom!

We can't wait for what our chefs will offer for the next day. Check it out!


soup / starter: PLN 8

Main course: PLN 19

Ordering a set is cheaper (soup / starter and main course): 24 PLN

Check our facebook - there you will find out what we have prepared for today


This is our specialty!

Our spelled pizza has a lot of fans in Wrocław. A healthy, delicate crust, loads of fresh ingredients and our original composition attract people like a magnet!


                                          We have two types of crust:
                                        • classic: thin, italian type
                                        • extra fatty: it’s thick and it’s +50% cheese

32 cm45 cm
1. europejska vege 23,00 zł40,00 zł
spelt pie, tomato sauce, cheese, mushrooms
2. margherita vege 22,00 zł35,00 zł
spelt pie, tomato sauce, cheese, grana padano cheese, basil, olive oil
3. pepperoni 29,00 zł46,00 zł
spelt pie, tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni sausage
4. hawajska 28,00 zł44,00 zł
spelt pie, tomato sauce, cheese, ham, pineapple
5. rzymska 29,00 zł46,00 zł
spelt pie, tomato sauce, cheese, ham, mushrooms, fresh: chive


32 cm45 cm
1. uluru 33,00 zł49,00 zł
spelt pie, red pesto, cheese, grilled chicken, spinach leaves, roasted sunflower seeds
2. liściasta 32,00 zł48,00 zł
spelt pie, tomato sauce, cheese, fresh spinach, minced pepperoni sausage, garlic, olive oil, color pepper
3. serowa vege 33,00 zł49,00 zł
spelt pie, tomato sauce, cheese, spinach, blue veined cheese, camembert cheese, garlic, fresh: feta cheese
4. kalina only available on the premises 33,00 zł49,00 zł
spelt pie, tomato sauce, dried oraegano, cheese, cherry tomatoes, fresh: rocket salad, prosciutto crudo ham, cherry tomatoes, black olives, basil
5. norweska 33,00 zł49,00 zł
spelt pie, tomato sauce, cheese, salmon, camembert cheese, green olives, fresh: basil
6. włoska vege 31,00 zł47,00 zł
spelt pie, tomato sauce, cheese, white mozarella, fresh: sun dried tomatoes, rocket salad, grana padano cheese
7. ognista hot: from 1 to 4 31,00 zł47,00 zł
spelt pie, tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni sausage, peperoni pepper
8. pizza à la gyros only available on the premises 33,00 zł49,00 zł
spelt pie, tomato sauce, cheese, chicken à la gyros, red onion, fried onions, fresh: cucumber, tomatoes, feta cheese
9. mięsna 33,00 zł49,00 zł
spelt pie, tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni sausage, chicken à la gyros, ham, bacon, beef, red onions


EXTRAS: from   2 zł   to   9 zł
PIZZA SAUCE: garlic / tomato / barbecue / joghurt-mayonnaise / mustard / chili aioli / ketchup / oliva oil / flavored olive oil

Do you fancy a snack? There’s a opportunity to try our homemade buns – fresh bread served with carefully selected toppings is a perfect appetizer while waiting for a main course. Try it!

               NA ORKISZU

1. bruschetta al pomodoro vege 18,00 zł
spelt baguette, confit tomatoes, basil, balsamico
2. bruschetta con nduja spicy 19,00 zł
spelt baguette, nduja with chilli, extra virgin olive oil
3. seasoned rib-eye steak 20,00 zł
spelt baguette, seasoned rib-eye steak, olives, extra virgin olive oil
4. spelt focaccia vege 14,00 zł
spelt bread with confit tomatoes and olives, extra virgin olive oil

1. soup of the day ask us about todays soup 8,00 zł
2. gazpacho vege 14,00 zł
tomatoes, marinated feta, olive salsa, crème fraîche, olive extra vergine


               SMALL PLATES

1. arancini vege 16,00 zł
with vegetables, saffron, and chili aioli sauce
2. homemade fries vege 9,00 zł
with sauce to choose from: barbecue, mustard sauce, chili aioli, garlic, joghurt-mayonnaise
3. crocodile fillet with green curry slightly spicy 38,00 zł
crocodile, decoction of curry with dill, kūmara, pak choi, mango and green pepper salsa, soy caviar
4. calamari s&p 29,00 zł
young calamari, caramelized onion, chili aioli, basil

               MAIN DISHES

1. chicken prosciutto 39,00 zł
slowly roasted chicken breast wrapped with prosciutto ham, salad with sugar peas, zucchini, feta cheese, mint, strawberry balsamico
2. rib eye steak 64,00 zł
seasoned rib-eye steak, confit tomatoes, homemade fries, with sauce to choose from: barbecue, mustard sauce, chili aioli, garlic, joghurt-mayonnaise
3. kangaroo panini 37,00 zł
spelt panini, kangaroo, caramelized onion, demi glace, arugula, grilled radicchio
4. beef burger 26,00 zł
homemade spelt bun, beef patty, smoked mayonnaise, salad, tomatoe, onion, plus two extra ingredients already included in a price:

  bacon, cheddar, caramelized red onion, pickled cucumber, fried egg, marinated beetroot,
sosy: barbecue, mustard sauce, chili aioli, garlic, joghurt-mayonnaise
2,00  zł

This is our specialty! → 100% beef → homemade spelt bun → only fresh ingredients → no artificial flavour enhancers → homemade sauces 



1. penne à la vodka with salmon 37,00 zł
penne from spelt flour, salmon, Żubrówka vodka, creamy tomato sauce, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil
2. spaghetti carbonara 27,00 zł
spaghetti from samopsza flour, smoked bacon, eggs, garlic, granano cheese, parsley
3. fettuccine Alfredo vege 23,00 zł
fettuccine from płaskurka flour, grana padano cheese, a lot of butter, parsley
4. pappardelle with chicken and red pesto 29,00 zł
pappardelle from płaskurka flour, slowly roasted chicken breast, pesto from dried tomatoes, grana padano cheese, basil

Dumplings are polish traditional meal, that couldn’t been missed in our menu. We also recommend pielmieni – Ukrainian dumplings.
You can order them two ways – boiled and soft, or baked in the oven and crispy. 


1. dumplings with wild mushrooms and ricotta vege 23,00 zł
made from spelt dough, ricotta, wild mushrooms, spinach, grana padano cheese, rucola, crème fraîche
2. dumplings ruskie vege 17,00 zł
made from spelt dough, potatoes, white cheese, fried onion, served with butter and crème fraîche
3. pielmieni - Ukrainian dumplings with meat 19,00 zł
made from spelt dough, pork and beef stuffing with onions, served with crème fraîche and chives

Salads for every time of the year when you fancy something light and delicious. Our salads are pure health!
We chose only seasonal vegetables, which guarantees the freshness and excellent flavor.


1. rzymska 29,00 zł
romaine lettuce, slow roasted chicken breast, bacon chips, cherry tomatoes, grana padano cheese, capers, a\\\'la caesar sauce with anchovies, spelt grissini
2. gamberetti con pomodorini 38,00 zł
shrimps with garlic and chilli pepper, confit tomatoes, spinach, spelt grissini
3. grecka vege 27,00 zł
fresh spinach, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, black olives, red onion, red pepper, feta cheese from sheep's and goat's milk, olive oil, lemon juice, dried oregano, spelt grissini


Wyborowa 40 ml 6 zł
Finlandia     40 ml 7 zł
Kamikaze  4x40 ml 19 zł
vodka Wyborowa, Blue Curacao, lime juice    
Sernik 4x40 ml 19 zł
vodka Wyborowa, vanilla syrup, simple syrup, lime juice    
Truskaw-maister 4x40 ml 19 zł
Jägermaister, cranberry juice, strawberry syrup, lime juice    
Blueberry Pie 4x40 ml 17 zł
Soplica Blueberry, blackcurrant juice, coconut syrup    
Monkey Brain 4x40 ml 24 zł
Irish Cream, Archers peach schnapps, grenadine    
Johny Walker Red Label     40 ml 10 zł
Johny Walker Black Label 12 yo  40 ml 12 zł
Jack Daniel's 40 ml 12 zł
Seagram's 40 ml 7 zł
Captain Morgan White 40 ml 9 zł
Aperol Spritz   19 zł
Aperol, sparkling wine, sparkling water, ice cubes, orange slice, green olive    
Long Island Iced Tea     20 zł
vodka Wyborowa, rum, triple sec, gin, tequila, lime juice, Cola-Cola    
Cuba Libre   17 zł
rum, Coca-Cola, lime juice    
Jagerbomb    17 zł
Jägermaister, Burn    
Mojito   19 zł
rum, fresh mint, lime, brown sugar, sparkling water    
Tequila Sunrise   18 zł
tequila, orange juice, grenadine    
Sex on the beach   19 zł
vodka Wyborowa, Archers schnapps peach, orange juice, black currant juice    
JUGS OF MOJITO - 1 liter    
Watermelon    35 zł
stronger version with extra vodka   40 zł
lime, rum, fresh mint, watermelon syrup, sparkling water    
Mango   35 zł
stronger version with extra vodka   40 zł
lime, rum, fresh mint, mango syrup, sparkling water    
Strawberry   35 zł
stronger version with extra vodka   40 zł
lime, rum, fresh mint, strawberry syrup, sparkling water    
Classic Lime   35 zł
stronger version with extra vodka   40 zł
lime, rum, sugar cane, fresh mint, sparkling water  
Kozel Lezak 0,5 / 0,3 l 9 zł /    7 zł
Pilsner Urquell 0,5 l   11 zł
Książęce Wheat 0,5 l   10 zł
Książęce Red Lager 0,5 l   10 zł
Książęce Weizen 0,5 l   10 zł
Książęce IPA 0,5 l   11 zł
Redd's Mango and Lemon / Cranberry 0,4 l   9 zł
Captain Jack 0,4 l   10 zł
Kozel Cerny 0,5 l   10 zł
Lech Premium 0,33 l   9 zł
Lech Free 0,33 l   8 zł
Lech Free Limonka with Mint 0,33 l   8 zł
Lech Free Pomegranate and Acai 0,33 l    8 zł
Lech Free Pomelo and Grapefruit 0,33 l   8 zł
Cydr from Polish apples   8 zł
Grenadine 500 ml 12 zł
beer, grenadine, Sprite    
Coconut & Black currant  500 ml 12 zł
beer, coconut syrup, black currant juice    
Vanilia & Banana  500 ml 12 zł
beer, vanilia syrup, banana juice    
Extra Dry  500 ml 12 zł
beer, Martini extra dry, raspberry juice    
Banana 500 ml 12 zł
beer, banana juice, raspberry juice    
with Sprite 500 ml 12 zł
beer, Sprite    
GLASS / CARAFE OF WINE (red & white wine):    
Marques de Fuertigo (glass) 150 ml 14 zł
Marques de Fuertigo (carafe) 250 ml 22 zł
Audentia Petit Verdot D.O.P. Valencia 750 ml 83 zł
Reserva da Familia Vinho Regional Lisboa 750 ml 96 zł
Primitivo Doppio Passo Blue Label Limited Edition Salento I.G.T. 750 ml 120 zł
Audentia Sauvignon Blanc & Muscat D.O.P. Valencia 750 ml 83 zł
Mazovia Arte Wino Couvèe 750 ml 144 zł
Hazana Fermentado Barrica Blanco Rioja D.O.C. 750 ml 110 zł
Ocabianca (Val D’Oca) Vino Frizzante 750 ml 79 zł
Mulled wine (with orange) 150 ml 12 zł


In our restaurant we serve different types of coffe. Except that, we recommend special ginger brew of fresh ginger with extra honey and lemon.
For a whole experience of relaxing cup of coffe or tea – order one of our desserts. 


Dilmah in a teapot 8,00 zł
black, green and flavored


black / white coffee  8,00 zł
espresso  8,00 zł
espresso macchiato  8,00 zł
cappuccino  10,00 zł
latte macchiato  10,00 zł


fresh ginger with honey and lemon


chocolate cake 14,00 zł
chocolate cake, raspberry mousse, marshmallow, nut crumble  
ice cream with fruits 14,00 zł
vanilla ice cream, fruit sauce, seasonal fruits


homemade lemonade  jug 1 L 24,00 zł
Kropla Beskidu water with lemon, mint, honey and ice  
mineral water Kropla Beskidu  bootle 330 ml / 750 ml 7,00 zł / 12,00 zł
fruit juice Cappy  bottle 250 ml 7,00 zł
orange / apple / multivitamin / grapefruit / black currant  
fuzetea  bottle 250 ml 7,00 zł
peach hibiscus / lemon lemongrass  
coca-cola / coca cola zero  bootle 250 ml 7,00 zł
fanta / sprite  bootle 250 ml 7,00 zł
tonic Kinley: water, vitgin mojito, bitter lemon, ginger ale  bootle 250 ml 7,00 zł
burn  can 250 ml 9,00 zł